What Women Make in Glassblowing
Get inspired with the best achievements in the art of glass


Glassblowing is the science and art of molten glass that’s shaped into different objects and designs from small art pieces to glass panes.

This is done by blowing small amounts of air into a parison, a molten glass bubble. A glass blower (glass smith) uses a blowpipe or metal tube to control the air that is blown through the tube into the parison that allows the shape and design to be manipulated. Two main techniques consists of mold blowing and free blowing. Also, free blowing has been around since the known beginning of glassblowing which occurred in the first century.

glassblowing-equipmentThe equipment used for glass blowing varies according to the products’ types. The basic supplies and equipment needed for glassblowing include attachments, fuel regulators, hoses, and torches. Tweezers, paddles, and graphite shields enable you to shape and handle molten glass at required extreme temperatures. Bead mandrels is sprayed with a substance that allow for quick fashioning of glass beads. Other items, such as grabbers and nippers, will enable the cutting and placing of glass as needed. Safety glasses would also be needed to protect your eyes from possible broken glass, and glassblowing activities. A good quality of glass tubes also should be used. They can be hollow, solid, colored, and clear glass. Also, a kiln is good for properly cooling or annealing the glass piece.

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