Four Design School Graduate Portfolios with Punch

A skim through the portfolios of 2009 grads from RISD and Pratt, I came up with four quick stand-outs and two reasons why ‘me likey’ as Coroflot says.

Irina Kozlovskaya, RISD

A bike rack that protects. Living in the thief-heaven that is Barcelona, I’m always wrestling with the racks outside my gym to make my bike as hard to steal as possible so I can appreciate a solution like this. Covers one wheel so you only have to lock up the other. a) solves problems b) looks neat. This is her site.

Tiffany Burnette, Pratt

Makes cuffs with metro maps. She has a company called Design Hype Inc. and calls her self an entrepreneur as well as a designer.  Now we’re talking. I’d love one that lights up or uses color for each subway line. I’d like mine to be for Barcelona.  Congrats to Tiffany.  Why I like it?  a.) solves a problem b.) does it with whimsy and what looks like comfort! Comfort is key. Too bad she started putting her URL very very large on the side. Seems a shame as it now looks more like schwag than design. I’d recommend she go back to the original design.

Lindsay Weisenthal, RISD

Continuing a movement playing with pixelization, as well as a reference to the digital mixed with the traditional in the form of a lovably tactile patchwork aesthetic. The modern and the traditional. The digitized and the hand touch. a.) builds on the conversation. b.) shape, use of color, and small size for urban living makes it fresh and easy to produce and distribute. This is her site.

Maggie Matela, Pratt

After wading through thumbnail after thumbnail, this plush and touch-worthy backpack shape reminded me of exquisitely draped clothing – or at least it’s a few tweaks away.  I don’t think it’s easy to make a backpack look luxury. Maggie’s accomplished that. I hope it goes into production and we can sell it here, even better yet in a variety of muted inky colors. a.) new look from an old theme. b.)great starting off point for a signature piece. This is her site.

Thanks to Coroflot for the great online portfolios.

-Chauncey Zalkin


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