Detroit Optimists Get To Work

illustrator Michael Goettner

“try it” 

Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes owner Torya Blanchard says ”it just gets better and better for those who believe in Detroit”

Signal-Return Letterpress director, Megan O’Connell. The shop  ”seeks to connect the community to traditional + emergent forms of printing”. It’s a gallery. It’s a resource for design entrepreneurs. It’s a meeting space with all the signature displays of process and craft that we love so much.

Photo Credit: Studio Couture Detroit

Jessica Hicks (also a designer mentioned on Design Sponge) and her husband opened Astro Coffee in Detroit after living as expats for several years.

What her husband says about their choice to move to Detroit to do this:

“You can do something here that means something. Open a coffee shop in another city and you’d drown. Here there is cooperation.”

26-year-old Hostel Detroit owner, Emily Doerr cutting the ribbon in 2010 on her non-profit accomodations aimed at educating visitors about Detroit.

The Empowerment Plan: Veronika Scott invented a Sleeping Bag Coat to do something about the gargantuan homeless problem in Detroit  (1 in 47 are homeless). It is “self-heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night.” She employs homeless women to manufacture the coat.

Photo Credit: Khaaliq Thomas 

The video by 4exit4 inspired this post. See them all here!


Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes!
Hostel Detroit
The Empowerment Plan
Signal-Return Letterpress
Astro Coffee


 *lead image credit: Michael Goettner 

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