What Women Make in Glassblowing
Get inspired with the best achievements in the art of glass


Glassblowing has been an ancient art form, and it hasn’t changed much since those hundreds of years. The only things that have changed over the years include the designs and their intended usage. There are different types of very affordable glass water bongs and pipes in any smoke shop in which dabbing is included where legally allowed.

It’s easy to find inexpensive pipes in the market; however, not so much for a better quality. Nevertheless, since the influx and demand for artists with more unique designs are on the rise, more artists are working on producing better quality for the masses. They are working on durable, higher quality that is affordable.

Dabbing has also changed the glass game up over the last several years. There have been a big change with glass pipe usage along with their designs. The traditional water pipe and hand pipe are far from the norm when walking into a smoke shop nowadays.


Today, there are an array of items with various types of functions. Most of them are designed for concentrate consumption. Even the dispensaries have done a switch in their inventory. The amount of edibles are basically the same. However, instead of their being mostly flower, and only a third of concentrates, there may be mostly concentrates, and a third of flower.

The amount of various designs and perc designs vary tremendously mostly due to concentrate usage. The market now has a choice of water pipes, incyclers, nectar collectors, and recyclers of all different assortments. Nectar collectors are somewhat the concentrate users equivalency to the flower user’s steamroller. This is simple, and it provides great results. The recyclers and incyclers are designed to cool the smoke down to a wonderfully smooth hit that won’t explode the lungs. With this, water is taken from the main can, and recycled up through the pipe. It is then returned back into the main can.

Another great thing that is happening in the industry with the rise of concentrates is artists collaborating together. More often, there are two great artists working on an creation. One may incorporate a perc design with another artist’s theme, or one artist may create a piece while another one is electroforming or etching the piece. There are various paths this art form is able to take, and this is only the beginning of the evolution.