My To Do List (Sunday Scheming)


Sundays are days where I often cook or go out for brunch, lament not going to yoga, sit in park Ciutadella, and work on a blog post. I also flit from Mashable to the New York Times to the Guardian to Facebook & Twitter, my Google Reader, and other business and social media technology innovation blogs looking for more information, more knowledge, more opinions, more tools to aid be in my search to accomplish more, satisfy more of my goals. Often I end up like a deflated little balloon just listlessly bouncing and dropping, swaying and collapsing, through the intersphere (just made that up), kinda getting nothing DONE. So I should take a breather. Go watch some Vampire Diaries for that glorious banality we all need on Sundays or go have a cana (local word for small beer in Spain) at the cafe with husband and dog.

I’m always writing such serious content on this site and I designed it so I could also blog in a carefree manner. So today I will. My carefree blog post today will be: my To Do list. Fun! I want input. Advice. Opinions. Commiseration. Are you with me? This site doesn’t get very many comments so I won’t get my hopes up but at least writing it will be a little weight off my chest so I can float back up to a buoyantly productive Monday.

Is my to do list anything like yours? read on…


Find an app that organizes my life by project, filtering down to the smallest task. Let’s say the bigger goal is “Save World”. I might then have sub-tasks like this:

Save World>Eradicate Pollution>Start with Oceans>….>Organize Clean-up At Local Beach>Check Around For Good Day and Time>Create Committee from Interested Parties>Call & Email Friends>Create FB page>Invite Everyone>…Pick Up Garbage Bags>Head to Beach

Something like that. Okay so now that I’ve done that futile exercise (is it so futile? maybe not) I want to know if anyone out there knows of such an app that isn’t some big ugly corporate monster where 20 people weigh in on when to pick up another hard drive. I have been searching the app store for two weeks now and nothing quite fits the bill.

I am an Extreme Laggard when it comes to iPhones. I just got one. Don’t judge me! It’s just that I have been an expat since January 2007, before they came out, and I just couldn’t commit to a country, let alone a phone contract. Also, I was writing a novel and did not want the distraction. Now I’m gaga for my phone. Four years later.

I need organization. I want an outside hand-holder to do this. I am such a thought starter (read: dreamer) that I get an idea and think so globally that sometimes the minutiae get lost. I’m very ‘onto the next’. Not good.

Does anyone know a really good app for project management and organization?


Write again for magazines that pay. Since I left New York it seems like the editorial hierarchy couldn’t possibly still exist as it once did. Where does a former ad agency-go-write-a-novel-build-a-2nd-blog type gal (re)enter the freelance writing world now? I just write for magazines I like and ignore the money but money is good. I like money!



Go to more conferences! I know it’s June and I should be taking it easy but I missed so many good conferences this year just by the fact that I had no idea they were going on. I need to know and interact with more of those energetic innovators I only know through Twitter and blogs. In person!

The conferences I missed that I’m kicking myself about include: SXSW, The Women in the World Conference. Since 2010 it’s been about DESIGN (the London Design Festival, Salone Del Mobile) but design is not the only thing WWM is about. I want to focus on the other topics that make up the convergence of women, design, art, innovation, business that is WWM . Right now it’s a bit lopsided; I’m missing some of the business and innovation part. (And that save the world part from my #1)

I have to go down the Rabbit Hole to make sure I find some good events to attend come fall.

most wanted: genius developer start-up partner


Keep growing Show Love, the social content company I’ve started with my videographer photographer husband to provide images and words to all those shiny websites out there with no content plan.

Now back to working on my farmer feature, The Happy Farmer, part of the mini-doc we shot a few weeks back in rural Catalunya.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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