She Lights Up Your Life: 10 Great Lighting Designs From Bright Young Women


The Solo Pendant Light by Donna Brady, a.k.a. Re-Surface

Light Reading Lamp Chandelier By Lucy Norman a.k.a. Lulu Dot

Linda Allen’s Live Anywhere lamp via YankoDesign, DesignMilk and many others.These lamps are cordless and can go anywhere indoor or out. They are weather resistant and rechargeable.  “She re-designed the LED bulb to 7 watts, which emulates the power of a 50-watt bulb”, reports Design Milk.

This isn’t one woman designing the shape of a cool looking new lamp but instead she’s one of a movement of entrepreneurs involved in a social business that provides a system of distributing small solar lamps in their community, a solution both to help women in developing countries  provide for their families as well as a means to save precious resources and conserve energy. Read more here at
Striking and simple. Lighting by Nathalie Dewez
My friend visited Barcelona and we went into an antique store where he found his dream pendant lamp for 180 euros;  it looked a bit like these yet there’s something that sets the Chouchin lamp apart. Designed by Ionna Vautrin (France), the colors are Mad Men and reek modernist cool but her  influence, Japanese lanterns, comes through and sets them apart. I’ll have all three please.
Glass artist Marie Retpen’s Melted Light (Denmark)
Vanessa Hordies Night Light lamp covers with sand and darkens as you go to sleep.
via @dezeen I absolutely love this play on industrial office lighting to make something poetic in its sparse angularity.
Does anyone else see French horns?
by Ontwerpduo, a male female duo
And last but probably first, are the Medusae Pendant Lamps by Roxy Towry-Russell. I don’t think it’s been photographed well here to be honest but in the right environment these can make the home a lush and ethereal place.

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