Woodsy Goods: Women who Rock at Rustic

Nina Judin Books

I’m a writer who considers each journal I buy very carefully. It can make or break the next month of writing, so I can appreciate Nina Judin’s work. She knows how to weave and glue a heartfelt handmade journal to perfection. She’s on Etsy.

Laura Spector

Wood gone wild. So incredibly beautiful.

Ronel Jordaan

Are you ready for this? These are made of Merino Wool.  She taught herself. She makes everything by hand. She provides jobs to female artisans in Gauteng, South Africa. This is one of the best design items I’ve seen in months and months. Truly original, desirable, and useful. Hard to find all three or even two in one item!

Åsa Westlund

Swedish Clog designer Åsa makes these beauties. These from her 2008 collection are my favorite.

Sandi Calistro Wood Macbook Skin for Karvt

Well, I’m not sure if this is exactly rustic but there are plain ones in a variety of wood veneers and ones designed by other artists. Check the site for details.

Jeanne Bayol’s Restored Gypsy Caravans (In French, un roulotte)

I found Jeanne Bayol through first falling in love with Les Roulottes de la Serve in Beaujolais, France and then researching more about these dreamy caravans. Essentially, this embodies all of my escapist dreams come true. I’d like her to decorate my future. Where are you Jeanne?

Lara Donatoni

This Brazilian artist and designer (as I watch Brazil play North Korea in the world cup, 2/0 is the present score…)  takes discarded wood and gives it new life. On Treehugger.

Kate Burger

Paper lanterns and Mason jars, as pretty as they are, are everywhere you look from big box stores to Martha Stewart weddings — but these camphor vine wrapped lanterns made by a woman in Southern California are different and they have a warm honey glow. Perfect for the porch of that caravan.  Also on Etsy.

Sandra Correia

Cork umbrella, on backorder, at Moma store (umbrella links to site)


here are 2 blogs to visit next – one that is all about beautiful wooden things, and another that is specifically about things that are not wood. Enjoy.


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  1. 08.30.2010

    My mother is eventually going to retire, and recently was honored by having her story published in a Southern California magazine (see http://www.darafeev.com/news ).

    I’m wondering if we can add some of the product her company makes.

    Thank you,

    Paul Darafeev

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